Expressions for your presentations

Expressions for your presentations by Liam LuskIf English is your second language or even if it isn’t using the right expressions at certain points in your presentation can be difficult.

In this post I am going to show you some great expressions that will make some of these areas in your presentation easier.

Begin with a strong opening by introducing yourself. Check my earlier post ‘Begin With Strong Opening’ to help you.

After your opening you next need to tell your audience how long your presentation will be.

Here are some examples;

  1. My presentation will take about 20 minutes.
  2. It will take about 20 minutes to cover everything.

Next you need to signpost for your audience. This helps your audience understand where your presentation is going.

Here are some examples;

  1. I have divided my presentation into three main parts. Point one deals with …, point two … and point three ….
  2. In my presentation I will focus on three main issues. First, we will be looking at …, second … and third ….

When you finish one area of your presentation you need to transition onto the next.

Here are some examples;

  1. Now that you know about …, let’s move onto ….
  2. That covers …, let’s move onto ….
  3. Let’s now move onto …

Now you know how to tell your audience how long your presentation will be, how to signpost your presentation and how to transition from area to area.

See you next time.

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